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Best Home Pregnancy Test

One of the questions most women ask when they are trying to get pregnant is “What is the best pregnancy test?“. Of course, every woman has her own opinion on this subject, and not all women agree. Some women feel that buying an inexpensive off-brand pregnancy test is a terrible idea. Other women consider off-brands just as good as name brands, and they’d never spend the additional money on a name brand test. Your opinions matter, but so do the opinions of the experts. Considering what medical professionals and real women have to say about at-home pregnancy tests, here are the three best tests and the reasons why.


The Best Home Pregnancy Test


One of the most important factors in deciding which pregnancy test is the best home pregnancy test is sensitivity. Pregnancy tests are designed to detect the pregnancy hormone in your body. This hormone doubles its levels every 24 to 48 hours, and it does not produce immediately. Once your egg is fertilized, it takes a week to travel to your uterus. Once in the uterus, the egg implants into the wall and begins producing hCG. Once your hCG level is higher than 5 mIU/ml, you are pregnant. However, because it takes such a long time for levels to double, it can take a while before you have a high enough level to detect on home pregnancy test. If you start at 1 mIU/ml and it doubles every two days, you’re looking at a minimum of 6 days before you even have enough hCG to be considered pregnant. The more sensitive the pregnancy tests the faster you will find out you are pregnant. Additionally, the pregnancy test has to be reliable, easy to read, and it has to have a high accuracy. Women also feel that tests that are affordable are preferable. All of this information was combined to figure out which home pregnancy test is the best.


What Is The Best Home Pregnancy Test?


1. First Response Pregnancy Test

The best home pregnancy test is the First Response Digital Test. This test has an easy to read display that tells you that you are either pregnant or not pregnant. There is no need to squint or wonder if your imagination is running away with you when reading these results. It takes two minutes to receive an answer, and you can either urinate directly on the stick or in a cup to use it. The tests are reasonably priced and come in boxes of two or three tests. The accuracy rate of this test is 99 percent when it is used the day of your missed period. What makes the First Response home pregnancy test the best home pregnancy test is the fact that it is the most sensitive test available. It can detect hCG in your urine as many as six days before your missed period. In lab tests, the First Response test has been shown to detect hCG levels as low as 6.5 mIU/ml. Most home pregnancy tests cannot detect levels lower than 20 to 25 mIU/ml. First Response also makes a non-digital test, and it is also very sensitive. It is a little less expensive and a little less sensitive. It can only detect pregnancy up to five days before your missed period. However, it is also simple to use and the results are 99 percent accurate as of the first day of your missed period. The test has a plus/minus sign indicator that is not too difficult to read.

2. EPT Pregnancy Test

The EPT Error Proof Pregnancy Test is another of the top three best home pregnancy tests. Women love this test and have been using it for years to determine whether or not they are pregnant. The test is easy to use and 99 percent accurate. When used five days before your missed period, the test is more than 50 percent accurate. EPT can detect hCG levels around 15 mIU/ml, which makes it another very sensitive test. Most women who are expecting a child will receive a positive result on the first day of their missed period, but many will be able to tell if they are pregnant several days in advance. The EPT test works just like any other test. It has an absorbent tip you can dip into your urine in a cup or hold directly in your urine stream. The results take only a few minutes.

3. Clearblue Pregnancy Test

The Clearblue Pregnancy Test is another big favorite among women. It is affordable, comes in packages of two or three, and it comes in a digital form as well as a standard form. You can take your pick, but the results are easy to read on both tests. Clearblue tests are also sensitive enough to pick up the level of hCG in your urine as many as five days in advance, somewhere around the 15 to 20 mIU/ml level. This makes it possible for to find out sooner and start preparing your body for the baby growing within. The First Response, EPT, and Clearblue Easy pregnancy tests are the best home pregnancy tests on the market. Women like them because they are dependable. They are easy to use, the results are easy to read, and the sensitivity is good enough to let women know earlier and faster if they are expecting a child. As with any test, however, if you do not carefully read the instructions in the test you use, you could alter your results. Each test is different, which is why they all come with instructions.