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Clearblue Pregnancy Test

Choosing the right pregnancy test can have a significant impact on the accuracy of your results. If you make the mistake of choosing a pregnancy test that is not sensitive enough to detect your own levels of hCG if you plan on testing early, you might end up with a negative result that causes you undue sadness and upset. The Clearblue pregnancy test is sensitive enough to detect pregnancy hormone levels as many as five days before your missed period.


Clearblue Pregnancy Test


The Clearblue Plus pregnancy test provides you with more accurate results up to four days before your missed period. This makes it a more sensitive pregnancy test than many of the others on the market. The results of this test are 99 percent accurate beginning the day that your period is due. However, the results are more than 50 percent accurate up to four days before your missed period and those chances increase each day thereafter.


This particular Clearblue pregnancy test features a wider grip for easier handling. The absorbent tip is wider and the stick itself is curved to make it easier to use. You can either urinate directly on the tip of the stick for five seconds, or you can urinate in a cup and hold the absorbent tip of the stick in the cup for 20 seconds. You will then allow the test to sit for three minutes before checking your results. If you are pregnant, you will see a plus sign in the bigger of the two windows. The minus sign in the smaller of the two windows appears whether you are pregnant or not to indicate that the test is working accurately. It does not matter how light or dark the plus sign is; if it is there, you are pregnant. If this line does not appear in the second window, your test is not working correctly. If you see only one line in the big window, you are not pregnant.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

Clearblue’s digital test is perfect for you if you don’t like to read the result of standard tests. The digital test leaves no mistake whether or not you are pregnant. 


Used the same way as the Plus test, this Clearblue test provides results in a digital window. If you are pregnant, the word pregnant will appear in the digital display. 


If you are not pregnant, the words not pregnant will appear in the display. Furthermore, the digital test can be taken a day early. This means you will find out if you are pregnant up to five days before your missed period.

Clearblue Pregnancy Test Accuracy


It is important to remember that you might not see a positive result when testing early. The pregnancy hormones your body produces do not start to appear in your urine until after your fertilized egg implants in your uterus. Even then, it may take a few days until the level of hCG is high enough for a home pregnancy test to detect. Since you may have ovulated a little later than you thought, or it took your egg a little longer to make its way to your uterus and implant, your hCG levels might not rise quickly enough for Clearblue to detect your pregnancy four or five days early. Taking the test the day of your missed period will give you the best results.


Home pregnancy tests such as the Clearblue Plus or Digital pregnancy tests are more accurate than many of the other tests available in stores. Its ability to detect smaller levels of hCG make it more sensitive than other tests, providing many women with positive result sooner than your missed period. The Clearblue pregnancy test is accurate and easy to use, making it a favorite among women.