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EPT Pregnancy Test

The Error Proof Test is more commonly referred to as the EPT Test. When you take an EPT pregnancy test, you can rest assured that your result is accurate and easy to read. Women love EPT and have been using this pregnancy test for years. When it’s time for you to take a pregnancy test, you want to take the best test. You want one that is affordable and reliable. If you are like many women, you want a pregnancy test that will tell you a few days earlier than your missed period if you are pregnant. If you are like most women, you want options. With EPT, you have options.


The EPT Pregnancy Test


You have two choices when it comes to taking an EPT test. You can choose the tried and true standard test, which features a plus or minus sign as a result, or you can choose the digital test. The digital test simply uses the words, “pregnant” and “not pregnant” to inform you of your current condition. It’s foolproof and easy to read.


EPT Pregnancy Test Accuracy

Like many of the pregnancy tests on the market, the EPT test is sensitive enough to tell you if you are pregnant up to five days early. However, if you wait until the morning that your period is due to take the test, your results are 99 percent accurate. Testing five days early means you have slightly more than a 50 percent chance of accuracy with your result. The reason for this is your body. Every woman is different. This means that some women produce enough of the pregnancy hormone earlier than others, allowing them to see a positive result on a pregnancy test early. Other women, however, do not produce enough of the hormone early enough for a positive result five days before their missed period.


The EPT pregnancy test is more sensitive than many other tests. This means that even if you do not get a positive result five days before your period, it will still detect hCG in lower levels, which means your chances of a positive result before your missed period increase every day.

How To Use The EPT Pregnancy Test


Both the standard and the digital test are easy to use. You can choose between holding the absorbent tip of the pregnancy test in your urine or urinating in a cup and dipping the stick in there. Whichever manner you choose to test, you should always read the instructions carefully. Even if you have tested before, all pregnancy tests work a little differently. This means that the amount of time the test must be exposed to your urine might differ or the wait time might differ.


Once you take the test, lay it on the counter in an upward position. Be careful to never turn the test upside down, because it could alter the results of the test. Once you’ve waited the instructed time, look at your test. If you use the standard test, you will see a plus sign in the first display if you are pregnant. A minus sign will appear if you are not. The second display should have one line, which merely lets you know that the test is in working condition. If you used the digital test, the words on the display will tell you if you are pregnant or not pregnant.


EPT Pregnancy Test Review


Women who use the EPT test are happy with the results. It’s sensitive enough to work early, easy to use, and the instructions are clear and concise. Many women swear by this test and will never use anything else. For a reliable pregnancy test that’s sensitive and simple, use the EPT pregnancy test.