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Is The Walmart Brand Pregnancy Test Good?

If you’re looking to become pregnant or you suspect that you are pregnant, it might be time for you to buy a pregnancy test to find out for certain whether or not you’re expecting. Many women who are in this position head straight to Walmart for a pregnancy test. The Walmart pregnancy test is a good test to use and if you’re planning on saving money, want a reliable test with a high accuracy rating, this test is perfect. The Walmart brand pregnancy test is the Equate brand. It’s a traditional test that shows you in one or two lines whether or not you are pregnant.


The result uses a plus and minus sign to show you whether or not you are pregnant. If you are not pregnant, you will see that there is a minus sign on the test. This line doubles as a test line that is used to show you that the test is working properly so you don’t need to question the results. If you are pregnant, a second line will appear turning your minus sign into a plus sign. The Equate Walmart pregnancy test brand is 99 percent accurate when used correctly. This means you have to read the instructions and follow them exactly. Additionally, the 99 percent accuracy rating is only valid if you use the test on the first day of your expected or missed period. Using the Equate brand test prior to this means you may not have results as accurate as the test claims. This is truly a good test to use if you’re on a budget.


How Much Are Pregnancy Tests At Walmart?


The great thing about buying a pregnancy test at Walmart is the fact that you have a large selection in many different price ranges. You’ll find pregnancy tests that range in price from $3 to $20 leaving you plenty to think about and plenty to compare. If you’d like to save money, the Equate brand test comes in two different boxes. For less than $3 you can purchase one test to use at home. For a little less than $5 you can purchase a box of two Equate pregnancy tests to use. This is usually a better deal since many women want to know for certain whether or not they’re pregnant. If you are pregnant, you will likely want to test again just to be certain. If you are not, you’ll want to test again the next morning and having a second test on hand will make that easier on you.


The name brand tests are the more expensive tests. Additionally, another factor that increases the price of pregnancy tests at Walmart is the number of tests in the box. Most come in sets of two but if you pay a little more, you can get a third test included in the same box.


What Is The Best Pregnancy Test At Walmart?

The answer to this is a little comparative. There are two pregnancy tests on the market that are considered the best. Both are available for purchase at Walmart stores. The first is the First Response Early Response Pregnancy Test


This test is considered the best because it allows you to test earlier than any other test, up to six days prior to the arrival of your expected period. It’s 99 percent accurate when used on the first day of your expected period, but it’s fairly accurate when used in the days leading up to that day. 


The reason this test is the best is that its sensitivity level is the lowest. It can detect the lowest levels of the pregnancy hormone hCG in your urine than any other test on the market.

The other best pregnancy test available at Walmart is the Clearblue pregnancy test. It’s also one that allows you to test early and with greater accuracy. It has a very sensitive hCG tracking ability, which allows it to detect pregnancy much earlier than other brands of pregnancy tests you might see on the shelf at Walmart. Additionally, the new Clearblue advanced pregnancy test not only tells you whether or not you’re pregnant, it also uses your level of hCG to tell you just how far along you are in your pregnancy in terms of weeks. These tests are among the more expensive tests you’ll find available at Walmart, but if you want the best you have to pay for it.


Do You Have To Be 18 To Buy A Pregnancy Test At Walmart?


You don’t have to be a certain age to purchase a pregnancy test. Of course, it’s not ideal if you are younger than 18 to have to be in a situation in which you need to purchase a pregnancy test, but it’s not mandatory that you have to be over 18 in order to get one. You will not be carded or asked to prove your age in some other manner when you purchase any type of pregnancy test at Walmart.


However, if you are younger than 18 and the price and availability of pregnancy tests at Walmart intimidates you, you do have other options. There are pregnancy resource centers that provide those who are scared they are pregnant with free tests that will help determine whether or not this is true. However, if you’d rather go to Walmart and purchase a test of your own, you might want to know which test is the best and which one is the most affordable.


Provided you wait to test until the first day of your expected period, most all pregnancy tests available at Walmart are 99 percent accurate. By waiting, you’ll save yourself the expense of testing early only to find a negative result and needing to purchase more pregnancy tests so that you can test again until you’re satisfied with the results that appear on the test.