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Equate Pregnancy Test

Most name brand products have generic sisters that are exactly the same product in different packaging with different prices. The same is true of pregnancy tests. The Equate pregnancy test is the Walmart version of a more expensive, name brand pregnancy test. If you are hoping you are pregnant and looking to purchase a pregnancy test, you might wonder if the price savings of the Equate pregnancy test is worth it.

Equate Pregnancy Test Reliability

The Equate test works the same way all other pregnancy tests work. When you remove the stick from the wrapper, you take off the cap and submerge the absorbent tip into your urine. You can do this by holding the stick while you pee on it, or you can urinate in a cup and hold the tip in the cup for the number of seconds stated on the instructions. Once you complete this portion of the instructions, replace the cap and lay the test on the counter facing upward. Now find something else to do for three minutes.

It’s important that you read the instructions carefully. If you do not hold the tip in your urine long enough, the test results you get might be incorrect. Additionally, the amount of time you hold the tip in your urine stream often differs from the amount of time you hold it in a cup of your urine. Finally, never hold the test upside down once you have dipped the tip in your urine, or it might not work.


Now that your three minutes are up, you can look at your test results. Do not wait too long or your results become null. The Equate pregnancy test has two displays on the front. The smaller display on the right should have one line in it. If it does not, the test is not working correctly and the result in the other display might not be accurate. If the line is there, check the other box. If you see one line, you are not pregnant. If you see two lines, you are. It does not matter how vibrant or faint these lines are, if they are there, you are pregnant.

The Equate Pregnancy Test Accuracy


The Equate test is designed so that when taken on the day of your missed period, the results are 99 percent accurate. However, if you want to take the test early, it is sensitive enough to detect the pregnancy hormone in your urine up to five days before you expect your period.


When taking this test early, understand that your chances of a false negative result increase. If the level of hCG in your urine is not high enough to register, you will see a negative result. This might not mean you are not pregnant. It might just mean that it was too early for you to test. You can try again after 48 to 72 hours, which is the time it takes your hCG levels to double.


Equate Pregnancy Test Reviews


Of all the off-brand pregnancy tests available, women like the Equate test the best. It works just as well as any brand name test, but the price is much more affordable. Women say that the results are easy to read, the test is easy to use, and the price is affordable.


Using the Equate test to test for pregnancy means you might be able to tell if you are pregnant a few days sooner than you expected. However, an early negative doesn’t mean anything. For the best results, use this test a week after your missed period. If the results still read negative, call your doctor to discuss potential medical issues.