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Top 3 Digital Home Pregnancy Tests

Home pregnancy tests first appeared on the market in 1968. While these earliest tests were well received and helpful, the ones available now offer better and more precise results. In fact, when women want to know for sure if they are pregnant, they often choose a digital home pregnancy test more than any other testing method. However, even among the current brands of digital tests, some brands outrank others. When women wonder which digital home pregnancy test on which to rely to give them reliable results, they may do well to consider these leading options. These options are available for sale in any major retailer and do not require that a doctor prescribe the test before it can be purchased.


When it comes to early detection and reliability, First Response Early Result ranks as one of consumers’ favorites. In fact, this brand can be used well before a woman misses her period and even within days of her predicted ovulation. In the past, women used to have to wait until they were a week or more late on their periods. With First Response Early Result, however, a woman can test as soon as 10 days after she ovulated to know for sure if she is pregnant, even before she misses her period. However, doctors caution women to be aware that many early pregnancies can result in miscarriage. Before these tests were available, many women did not know they were pregnant at all and instead mistook their miscarriages as a regular or slightly heavier period.


Another leading brand, Clearblue Easy, can also be used before a woman misses her period. This test features a user-friendly design that lets a person know if she has used enough urine to get an accurate result. If a woman has done the test correctly, the tip of the testing strip will turn pink. Most people get their results within two minutes.


Clearblue Easy pregnancy test also has a 2-in-1 over-the-counter test available that lets people know if they are pregnant and if so, how far along they are in their pregnancies. The test can predict within three weeks how far along a pregnancy has progressed, information that can come in handy if a woman has been indecisive about whether or not to start her obstetric care. Of course, some women want to know how far along they are so that they can anticipate when they will give birth. This test was once only available in Europe. However, the FDA approved this digital home pregnancy test for sale in the U.S. in 2012 and can now be purchased without a prescription at most big box stores and pharmacies. It gives an accurate result 99 percent of the time. If the test is positive, the strip will show a plus sign. If it is negative, the strip will show a negative, or minus, sign.


Most Affordable Digital Home Pregnancy Test

As accurate and convenient as a digital pregnancy test can be, it also comes at a cost that may be prohibitive to some people. In fact, in comparison to the pregnancy tests of yesteryear, digital tests actually cost quite a bit more, something that may be unwelcome to a person who is on a tight budget. As such, women who want to use this testing method may appreciate knowing which brands prove to be more affordable and lower priced than others. These brands can offer the reliability that women expect without a price that makes it impossible or difficult for them to buy from their favorite store or pharmacist.


Many women overlook store brands in their search for the best digital pregnancy test. However, store brands are often on par with even the most expensive over-the-counter test and can offer the same reliable results for a much lower cost. In fact, Walmart’s Equate pregnancy test brand has received favorable reviews online and costs less than $3.00. It can be purchased in Walmart stores or online. Another brand, Answer, also has proven to be very affordable for women on a budget. This test can be purchase for around $7.00 online and for the same price or less in stores. Women who have used it report being able test about a week before their missed period. They state that this test gave them accurate results without the bigger price tag that can be found on more expensive brands.

For a dollar more, however, women can buy one of the varieties of Clearblue Easy tests on the market. This brand costs around $8.00 and is readily available in most big box retailers and pharmacy stores. Online reviews indicate that this brand is easy to use and that it gives clear answers within minutes of taking the test. This brand also advertises heavily in magazines and in TV commercials, making it one of the most affordable and most recognizable home pregnancy test options available.


Of course, if people want to take a pregnancy test that ranks as one of the best, they can buy First Response Early Result for a price that ranges from $10.00 to $22.00, depending on from which store they purchase it. This brand typically makes two testing strips available in one package, giving people a chance to test and re-test if they doubt the first result. It provides a result within three minutes of testing and also is easy for people to read and understand before going to the doctor for confirmation of their pregnancies.