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How To Use Clearblue Pregnancy Test



The Clearblue pregnancy test is one you can use prior to missing your period to check for pregnancy. The test is sensitive enough to provide you with a positive result as many as four days prior to your missed period. However, instructions recommend you wait until the day of your missed period to test for 99 percent accuracy.


The first piece of information you’ll find in your Clearblue pregnancy test instructions is not to open the foil wrapper in which your test is located until you are ready to begin testing. This should be first thing in the morning with your very first urine of the day. Urine used later in the day has been diluted by water, coffee, and whatever else you might have had to drink throughout the day.


You may use either your urine stream or your urine collected in a cup. The absorbent tip of your pregnancy test should always face the downward position no matter which option you choose. Additionally, you need only saturate your absorbent tip with urine for five seconds whether it’s in a cup or in your stream of urine. Once you have done this you can replace the cap onto the absorbent tip. Next, lay the test facing upward on a flat surface such as your bathroom countertop and wait for the results to appear.


At this point you will need to wait three minutes to read your results or risk not seeing them appear. What you will see almost immediately, however, is one line appearing on the test. This is called the test line. Its sole purpose is to prove to you that your home pregnancy test is working correctly. If this line doesn’t appear, throw it away and buy a new test to use.


Once your three minutes are up you can check the results of your test. If there are two lines, then congratulations on your pregnancy. If only one line is in the window, you’re not pregnant.


Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test Instructions

Many women prefer to use the Clearblue digital pregnancy test because it has much easier to read results. The fact that the results use the phrase, “Pregnant,” or “Not Pregnant,” is much simpler and less confusing than lines that might or might not appear dark enough to see right away. However, even if you’ve used the Clearblue test in the past, you’ll want to read the instructions carefully as the digital test has a different set of instructions.


Much like the other Clearblue pregnancy test, you do not want to remove the test from the protective wrapper until it is time to use it. Additionally, you will want to wait until you wake up so that you can use your first urine of the morning. The lack of dilution will make your results more accurate. Once you’ve decided whether or not to hold the test in your urine stream or in a collected cup of urine, the instructions begin to differ.

If you hold the absorbent tip of the Clearblue digital pregnancy test in your urine stream, you will remove it after five seconds. If you decide to dip the absorbent tip into a cup of urine you collected, you will need to hold it there for 20 seconds. Do not turn the absorbent tip any which way except down until you’re done holding it in your urine. At this point it is safe to lay it down flat on your counter while waiting for your results to appear.


You will first notice an hourglass flashing on the screen. It serves two purposes. The first is to alert you to the fact that the test is working correctly. The second is to alert you to the fact that you are still waiting on your results. It takes up to three minutes for your results to appear. If you are pregnant, the test will digitally display the word pregnant. If you are not pregnant, the test will digitally display the words not pregnant.


Clearblue Pregnancy Test Results


There are a few things you should know about Clearblue pregnancy test results. This information is pertinent no matter which test you use. The first thing you should know is that all women are different. You might not receive a positive pregnancy test result four days before your period for many reasons. You might not have ovulated as early as you thought. You might not be pregnant. You might be pregnant but your body produces lower levels of hCG than other women’s bodies. If you do not receive the results you want, test again the following day. You are not guaranteed results that are 99 percent accurate until the first day of your missed period, so don’t panic that you’re not yet seeing the results you want.


The second piece of information you should know is that there are very rarely ever cases of false positives. If your test says you are pregnant, you are more than likely pregnant. However, you will need to call your doctor. It is likely that you will receive a positive result as a result of an ectopic – or tubal – pregnancy even though this type of pregnancy will not survive. Additionally, you will likely receive a positive result if you are taking fertility drugs that contain hCG.


Finally, you should know that when you use the non-digital test you may have difficulties reading the results. Some women are concerned that they see a faint line indicating pregnancy. However, the line is so faint they aren’t positive. It doesn’t matter. Any line, no matter how light or dark, is an indicator that you are pregnant. However, if you wait longer than 10 minutes to read the results of your test, you might notice a second line that’s called an evaporation line. This line does not indicate pregnancy. It appears as the urine dries and evaporates. For this reason, discard your tests after 10 minutes and do not look at them again.