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How To Fake A Pregnancy Test?

Few legitimate ways exist for how to fake a pregnancy test. With even the cheapest of pregnancy test brands being extremely sensitive to the presence of hCG, you cannot simply take a test and expect it to come back with a positive result if you are not pregnant. Even so, the few ways that do exist can help you create a fake pregnancy test if you are keen to do so. These subtle tricks are most often employed by people who want to fool others into believing that they are indeed pregnant.


A trick used by some people involves asking a pregnant friend to take the test so that the test strip can be passed off as that of someone else. In fact, an underground industry has cropped up online and sees a growing number of pregnant women willing to sell positive pregnancy tests in exchange for cash. If you do not have a pregnant friend and do not want to pay someone else to take a test for you, your other alternative would be to consider medications that are known to throw off test results. Hormone therapies, anti-seizure medications, and some antibiotics can cause a test to come back positive even if you are not pregnant.


Another option that you have would be to manually alter the indicator window on the test strip. You could color it in, draw a line or a plus sign, or create whatever symbol that would indicate a positive result. Drawing on the test strip to make the result look legitimate can be a challenge, however. You must make sure the ink matches the dye color used by the test and that the positive symbol does not look artificial or manipulated.


How To Make A Fake Pregnancy Test?


Drawing on or coloring in the indicator window remains a favorite tactic used for creating a fake pregnancy test. If you plan to use this approach, you should consider some basic tips to ensure you get a test strip that looks genuine and can be passed off as the real thing. First, you should avoid simply drawing on the outside of the window. Most indicator windows are covered in a thin plastic film. If you draw on this film, people will be able to see the indentation marks made by your pen or marker. You also risk the ink coming off when people touch the test strip.


To avoid either of these risks, some women take apart the test strip to draw on the material under the window. If you plan to dismantle the strip, you should take your time so that the plastic does not break and that the material inside does fall apart or rip. Test strips are extremely delicate, which is why the test instructions will tell you to handle the strip with care. After you take it apart, you likewise should take the same care putting it back together. Obviously, if you use tape to put the strip back in one piece, people will be able to tell that the test has been altered.


Finally, if you are able to get the strip apart so that you can draw a positive symbol on the material under the window, you should make sure that the drawing looks real. Creating an overly bold line or a poorly drawn plus sign will make people suspicious. You should look at the back of the box or the test instructions to find out how the positive indicator should look. You should then try to mimic that drawing as close as possible.


How Can You Fake A Positive Pregnancy Test?


Regardless of the reason for why you want to create a fake pregnancy test, you would do well to take your time and think about how best to achieve this goal. Pregnancy tests, even those sold at the dollar stores, are extremely accurate. You cannot expect to take one and have it come back as positive by a fluke. You must consider other ways that you can alter the test without using your unaltered urine sample.


If you have a condition that warrants taking hormone therapy, you could try to take a test after you have been on the medication for a few weeks. The build up of hormones in your urine could be enough to alter the test result. In fact, hormone therapies used for women dealing with menopausal symptoms or irregular periods may contain minute amounts of hCG.


When you are not on any of these medications, however, your best option may be to buy a positive test online. Pregnant women have been known to sell positive test results online. The people selling the tests will ship the positive strip to you in exchange for cash. Pregnancy tests are difficult to manipulate and require extraordinary measures to alter.