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Wondfo Pregnancy Test

The Wondfo pregnancy test strips are not your typical home pregnancy test. When choosing which test to use, many women consider this test on their short list. There are a number of reasons why this particular test is so popular, which is discussed later. The Wondfo pregnancy test is just a strip that is found inside a typical pregnancy test. There is no plastic cover or fancy design. While this is fine for some women, it is considered a turn off for other women.


Wondfo Pregnancy Test


The Wondfo pregnancy test detects pregnancy the same way as any other pregnancy test. It is designed to find the hCG in your urine and react to this hormone. If there is no hCG in your urine, the test will not react, and it will provide you with a negative result. If there is hCG in your urine, it will react and provide you with a positive result.


Of course, there are always false negatives to worry about. For this reason, medical professionals encourage women to wait at least until the day your period is due before you use this home pregnancy test. On this day, the chance of your hCG level being high enough to detect on a home pregnancy test is more likely.


There is no way of knowing when your hCG level is high enough to detect, which is why it is recommended that you wait to the first day of your expected period. Every woman is equipped with a different body, and every woman’s hCG level rises at different rates. For example, once your body begins to produce hCG it could take your body two to three days to double the current level. Since your body does not begin producing hCG until approximately a week after the date you conceive, it could take anywhere from two to three weeks from the date of conception before your hCG level is high enough to register pregnancy on a home pregnancy test. Of course, you could be one of the fortunate women who is able to find out a week before her missed period that she is expecting.


How Does The Wondfo Pregnancy Test Work?

The Wondfo test works by detecting hCG in your urine. To use this test, you will need to urinate in a cup. There is no option for holding this type of test in your urine stream as it has no plastic applicator, which protects your hands from urine and makes it easier to hold the test in place. You will need a disposable cup for this.


Once you urinate into a cup, hold the absorbent tip of the Wondfo pregnancy test into the urine for the amount of time indicated in the instructions that come with the test. Following the time frame, lay the test down with the results area facing upward.

There are two zones on the Wondfo test. These zones are called the control zone and test zone. The control zone should immediately show a line when the urine reaches this area. This zone indicates that the Wondfo test is working properly. If the line fails to appear, toss it in the trash. The test does not work. You need to use a new one. The second zone is the test zone. If a line appears in this zone, you are pregnant. It takes approximately four to five minutes for your result to appear. Do not read the results prior to this or too long afterward or the results might not be accurate.


Why Women Use The Wondfo Pregnancy Test


There are a number of reasons women choose to buy the Wondfo test. For one, there are a lot of tests in one package. When you buy a box of pregnancy tests you usually only get one or two tests per box. When you buy the Wondfo test, you receive 25 tests in one box. This means you can test every day until you receive the answer you are looking for.


Another reason women use this test is that they sometimes receive results faster than with other pregnancy tests. Some women claim to receive positive test results as many as five days prior to missing their period, which is almost a week sooner than most women know they are pregnant.


Finally, the price is right. Whereas you can typically buy two pregnancy tests anywhere from $8 to $20, you get 25 tests for approximately $15. This equates to less than $1 for each test, making it a more cost-effective choice for women.


If you do receive a positive result on your Wondfo pregnancy test, it’s time to call your doctor to schedule your prenatal appointment. You will take another pregnancy test when you go to the doctor, but this is considered standard practice.