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Where Can I Go To Get A Free Pregnancy Test?

While over-the-counter pregnancy tests continue to drop in price, many women find that they cannot or choose not to afford to buy their own test kits. They would rather find out where they can go to get a free urine test done. In fact, in many communities across the country you can find clinics and organizations that provide pregnancy testing at no cost. You can pursue one of these tests at no financial risk to you by learning from where you can get pregnancy testing help.


If you are in college, you can get a free pregnancy test done at your college’s health clinic. Most universities and even small colleges have on-campus student health clinics where you can go have any number of medical procedures and tests done. One of the most common tests administered in college health clinics is a simple urine pregnancy test. This test typically costs students nothing at all and gives them reliable results within minutes. Students are then given access to resources to help them manage their pregnancies. If you are enrolled in a university and want to get a free pregnancy test done, you can go directly to your on-campus health clinic and ask to have one done at no charge to you.


You can also find free pregnancy tests offered at pregnancy resource centers in your area. These centers are geared toward helping women keep their babies and steering them away from ending their pregnancies. These centers make available a number of resources, including free pregnancy tests, as well as free ultrasounds, clothing, food, financial support, housing, and more. These centers are usually supported by and affiliated with religious organizations. Even if you are not a member of an organized faith, you can still get help with pregnancy testing and more at one of these pregnancy resource centers. You generally do not have to disclose a lot of information about yourself, nor will you be charged for your test. You are welcome to make use of as many or as few of the pregnancy-related resources available to you. These options give you the chance to test for pregnancy without stretching your budget or going without a pregnancy test because of a lack of money.

How To Get A Free Blood Pregnancy Test?


While over-the-counter pregnancy tests are reliable and relatively inexpensive, you may feel more secure about confirming your pregnancy through a blood test. Blood tests are almost 100 percent accurate and provide key details about your pregnancy, including how far along you are and how high your hCG levels are.


However, many doctors’ offices charge as much as $50 or more for a pregnancy blood test. If you cannot afford this or want to know where you can get this test done for free, you may consider these options.


Every county in every state in the country has a health department. These health departments are funded by public tax dollars and are supposed to help people who are low-income and cannot afford to seek medical services at mainstream health care providers’ offices. If you lack the money to pay for your blood test, you can go to your county health department and ask for a test to be done. Your test, if you earn less than the amount stipulated by the federal poverty guideline, will be done for free. Low-income earners generally do not have to pay for their blood work at all at the county health department.

Many religious organizations also maintain health clinics that provide free medical services. Roman Catholic health clinics, for example, are maintained by archdiocesan donations so that anyone, regardless of religious affiliation, can get help with health care services if or when needed. Depending on where you are located, these health care clinics can have long waiting periods to see a doctor. However, your services may be expedited if you tell them that you believe you are pregnant. Pregnant women are generally considered to be in need of health care services more than people who are seeing a doctor for check-ups, for example.

Where To Go To Take A Free Pregnancy Test?

Another option for getting a free test done centers on whether or not you or your significant other is in the military. Most military bases have health care clinics and hospitals on site so that you do not have to go to a civilian facility for medical services. If you suspect that you could be pregnant and you or your partner is in the military, you should be entitled to a free test on base.

You can typically make an appointment with the on-base physician or nursing staff within a few days’ time after calling. Some on-base facilities even have same day appointments available. Despite being military medical facilities, you will be given the same services and treatments that you would find in a civilian hospital or clinic. Your results may even take less time to get back because these facilities generally see fewer patients than civilian medical providers.

If you are not in the military, but do not have a regular home, you may be considered to be transient or even homeless. For example, if you are living with relatives or friends, but that home is not your permanent address, you may qualify for transient services in the local community. The government expects adults to have permanent addresses and minors to share residences with parents or legal guardians. If, for whatever reason, you lack a permanent address, but need a pregnancy test done, you may be eligible for free medical services through the city or state. You could be assigned a government-issued medical card and be eligible for services through the local homeless advocacy facility. If you qualify for transient services and test positive for pregnancy, you may be allotted other services, such as free government housing, job assistance, food stamps, and other forms of aid designed to help you regain your independence.