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Top 5 Best Pregnancy Tests

When scientists discovered the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, to be one of the early markers of pregnancy, modern medicine has continuously taken steps to help women detect their pregnancies as early and reliably as possible. Over-the-counter pregnancy tests have been on the market since 1968, giving women the discreet option of confirming whether or not they are pregnant in the privacy of their own homes. However, with all of the pregnancy testing options now available to women, they may wonder which tests rank among the best now and into the next year. Women can find out if they are expecting in 2020 by using of these methods that now rank as the best pregnancy test.


Despite over-the-counter pregnancy tests being the first choice of many women, the most reliable test arguably remains a blood test. A blood test can definitively detect whether or not hCG is present in the bloodstream and also indicate how far along a person is in her pregnancy. Many doctors rely on blood work more so than any urine pregnancy test result. In fact, when a woman goes to her doctor to see if she is expecting, the doctor will order a blood test before he or she orders a urine test to detect the presence of hCG.


However, many people do not want to pay for a doctor’s visit and lab work unless they are confident that they are indeed pregnant. To obtain this level of confidence, most women continue to rely on over-the-counter pregnancy tests. Each test available on the market can be relied upon to some degree of confidence. However, some brands outrank others when it comes to reliability and ease of use. For example, many expectant mothers report that First Response Early Result stands out as the best pregnancy test for detecting early pregnancy. It can be used before a woman misses her period and also is simple to read after the test is complete. Along with First Response, Clearblue Easy remains another favorite among women who want to test for pregnancy. This test stands out as a favorite because the tip will turn pink, indicating that enough urine has been used for an accurate result.


Some women cannot afford name brand tests and rely on store brands. Equate’s test has been proven to give accurate results and costs several dollars less than its name brand competitors. Women who genuinely have little to no budget for buying a pregnancy test or simply want to avoid using commercial tests can use a relatively reliable do-it-yourself testing method by using bleach. If a cup of bleach begins to froth or bubble after she drops a few drops of her urine into it, the woman can assume that she is indeed pregnant.


Best Early Pregnancy Test

Of course, along with knowing they are in fact pregnant, many women want this result as early as possible. Fortunately, more tests continue to become available on the market that make it possible for women to test within days after ovulating. In fact, when it comes to the best pregnant test to use just days after she has ovulated, a woman may try First Response Early Result. This test can be used as soon as 10 days after a woman’s ovulation date and well before her period is scheduled to begin. The test is reported to be very sensitive to minute traces of hCG, which can lead to a positive result. However, doctors note that many women miscarry that early in their pregnancies. Before early testing was available, women did not know that they miscarried, but rather thought that they were having a normal period.


In addition to First ResponseClearblue Easy also allow for early testing. This test can be used up to four days prior to a woman’s expected period start date. It gives an accurate reading 95 percent of the time. Likewise, Clearblue Easy 2-in-1 also gives accurate test results and can predict how far along a woman is in her pregnancy within a time window of three weeks. This test has been available in Europe since 2008 and in the U.S. since 2012.

To many women’s surprise, Dollar Tree’s brand of pregnancy test also ranks as a best pregnancy test to use now and into 2015. The test can be used as soon as 14 days after a woman has ovulated. It gives accurate results 99 percent of the time, and it only costs $1, which appeals to people who are on the strictest of medical budgets. Another cheap and reliable way to test for early pregnancy involves using Wondfo pregnancy strips. These strips are like the litmus strips used in many schools’ science labs. A woman can dip a strip into a cup of her urine and get a reliable positive or negative result. These strips can be used as soon as one day after a woman misses her period.


Despite early testing being available, doctors still urge women to be aware of the risk of miscarrying that early in their pregnancies. They also urge women to see their gynecologists right away so that they can be monitored and treated accordingly during the months leading up to their babies’ births. Since the discovery of hCG as a hormonal hallmark of pregnancy, many women have enjoyed using a variety of testing methods that give them accurate results. These methods stand out as the best pregnancy test options available without a doctor’s prescription or great expense.