Superdrug enjoys an enduring reputation as being a health and beauty retailer that the public can trust with every aspect of their health. This trust particularly proves important when women look to this company to provide them with reliable pregnancy tests to use at home. Using a test at home does require that women understand some basic tips to ensure that they use the test correctly and get results that they can act on confidently to ensure their future health. This brand of pregnancy test has good reviews and tends to be favored among women who want to know whether or not they are pregnant.


As with any over-the-counter pregnancy test, the Superdrug brand requires that women avoid contaminating the test strip. The test strip is highly sensitive and designed to pick up traces of the pregnancy hormone known as hCG. If the test comes into contact with any other chemical, its ability to detect hCG can be compromised. With that, women are advised to hold the test strip carefully when using the kit.


They are advised to use first morning urine when testing. The hormone hCG appears in a woman’s urine 11 days after she has ovulated and successfully conceived. However, the hormone can only be found in faint amounts during early pregnancy. The amount of hCG doubles every two to four days, however, and can be more readily detected as a woman progresses toward her scheduled period. As such, many women wait until they miss their periods and are a week late before testing. While not optimally designed for testing before a woman misses her period, this brand of pregnancy test can be used as soon as a day after she misses the first day of her menstrual cycle. It also can give accurate results that a woman can use to secure immediate prenatal care for her and her unborn child.