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Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

Choosing the right pregnancy test is a big deal. This is the test that is either going to make or break your emotions for the either another month or the next nine months. The reason that finding the right pregnancy test is so important is that even a false negative can leave a woman feeling horrible for the rest of the day. Despite the fact that you know that false negatives are often a common part of life, doubting your pregnancy test choice can make you feel even worse.


Rite Aid Pregnancy Test


If you live near a Rite Aid store, you might find yourself tempted to purchase a Rite Aid Pregnancy Test. This is a test that determines whether or not you are pregnant beginning five days before your missed period. Of course, we will discuss further why you might receive a negative result this far in advance. The Rite Aid test works just like other pregnancy tests. It detects the level of hCG, the pregnancy hormone, in your urine once your body begins to produce the hormone.


If you don’t already know, it could take several weeks after you ovulate for your body to begin producing hCG. This is because the hormone is not produced until your fertilized egg implants itself into your uterus. This process takes a while. Once your fertilized egg is met by your partner’s sperm, the egg then takes a long journey through your fallopian tubes. This journey can take anywhere from a few days to as much as a week, occasionally more. Even then, it takes a few days before your egg actually implants into the wall of your uterus, despite the fact that it’s been in there for a while.


Once implanted, your body begins to produce hCG. Of course, even then it’s still too early to tell if you are pregnant. The reason is this; hCG levels vary greatly. Unless your level of hCG is higher than 5, you will not be considered pregnant. Since the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test is not sensitive enough to detect your hCG levels at 5, you will need to wait a few days. Additionally, it takes two to three days before your hCG level doubles each time. This means that if your non-pregnant hCG level is typically 1, it could take as long as a week and a half or more just for your levels to show you are pregnant.


This is why it is not always accurate to use a test five days in advance. You could be pregnant. However, if your hCG levels are not high enough, the test will not be able to confirm your pregnancy, causing you to feel stressed and unhappy.


How Does The Rite Aid Pregnancy Test Work?


The Rite Aid test works very simply. All you do is use the absorbent tip of the test to absorb your urine. You can pee directly on the stick or you can do it in a cup and dip the stick into the cup for the amount of time listed in the instructions. It is imperative that you take the time to carefully read the instructions. All pregnancy tests are made differently, and each test comes with a slightly different set of instructions. If you’ve never used this brand before, you need to do it right or risk an incorrect result.


Now that the stick has absorbed your urine, you will wait a few minutes to see the results. Since this is not a digital pregnancy test, you must wait for two results windows to show your results. In one, you will see one blue line. This does not indicate anything other than the fact that the test is in good working condition.


The second box will contain your result. If you see one blue line, you are not pregnant. If you see two blue lines in the shape of a plus sign, you are pregnant. It does not matter how light or dark those lines. If they are there, you are officially pregnant.


Rite Aid Pregnancy Test Review


Women like the Rite Aid pregnancy test. It’s simple to use, easy to interpret and it is inexpensive. You can purchase two tests for $9 at your local Rite Aid store. This allows you to test multiple times for approximately $4.50 per test when broken down. That’s less expensive than many other brands of test. Additionally, the results are clear and accurate. It makes a good test for women who are looking for one that is accurate and inexpensive