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How Accurate Is The Rexall Pregnancy Test?

Rexall has a longstanding reputation for providing the public with reputable and reliable health products. Among the products available to people, this brand of pregnancy test stands out as one that many people have come to trust to give them accurate results. Taking a pregnancy test made by this brand is easy as long as you follow some basic instructions. You also must ensure that you are testing at the optimal time so that you can get results that you can act on decisively.


Timing can indeed be crucial if you want to get the most reliable results possible. Many women get too eager and test too early, often within days after having sex or when they believe that they ovulated. However, the hormone created during pregnancy, human chorionic gonatropin, can only be detected after 11 days have passed after conception. If you take the test before the 11 days have fully passed, the test will be unable to detect any hCG in your urine.


Many women wait to test until they have missed the first day of their scheduled period. This first missed day typically occurs 14 to 16 days after conception has occurred, which is plenty of time for a test to pick up on hCG that may be present in your urine. Some tests can be used as early as the 11th day after conception; however, these tests typically cost quite a bit more than their standard counterparts. Still, if you want to test as early as possible, these tests, which are usually digital in format, are available to you. Regardless of the test you use, you must remember to follow the directions carefully and make sure that the testing strip avoids contamination. You also are encouraged to use your first morning urine, which is more concentrated and has higher levels of hCG in it.


False Positive Rexall Pregnancy Test


Since 1978, when pregnancy tests first appeared on the market, they have undergone continuous improvements that now allow them to be more accurate than ever. In fact, most tests are now more than 99 percent accurate in their results. Still, in rare circumstances you may get a false positive result, causing you to believe that you are pregnant when you truly are not. When you want to eliminate any chance of you receiving a false positive test result, you should understand what factors can cause this anomaly to occur.


The most common reason that women get false positives involves how they are using the test. In many instances, user error throws off the results, causing women to wrongly think that they are pregnant. The directions in most tests tell you to make sure that the testing strip stays away from counter surfaces, other chemicals, and even your own skin. If it gets contaminated, it may be unable to read the contents of your urine accurately and instead give you a false positive result.


Some women also misread their strips, misinterpreting a condensation line for a positive indication of pregnancy. A positive test strip will show, in most cases, two bold lines or a plus sign. Finally, some medications that women take can throw off test results. Any medication that contains hormones, including those used to treat menopausal symptoms, can cause a test to show a false positive. Likewise, anti-seizure medications can cause the same error. If you are receiving false positives, but you are sure you are not pregnant, you should see your doctor for a blood test. In fact, anytime you take a pregnancy test and receive a positive result, you are advised to follow up with your doctor for further care.


Rexall Pregnancy Tests Reviews


Before you take a pregnancy test from this brand, you may want to know what other past users have thought of it. You can find out reviews of this brand when you go online and read what other people have had to say about this test. Many websites, including the retailer itself, allows people to comment about their experiences with the test. Given these reviews, you can judge for yourself whether or not it would suit your testing needs.


As you read the reviews, you may find that many people comment on how easy it is to use. The directions are straightforward and easy to understand. Many individuals did not have a lot of questions after reading the instructions before they took the test. Further, people have commented on how easy the strip was to use. Some tests have such small strips that you cannot hold it in your stream of urine very well. These small strips are difficult to dip into cups of urine for testing. However, people seem pleased with the way this testing strip is designed.


Finally, many people commenting on the test indicate that the price suited their budgets. Given the economic recovery, few people have money to waste buying over-the-counter health products. They need a test that is affordable, yet reliable. From the online reviews, you can gauge this test’s affordability and reliability. The people who take the time to review it indicate that this brand could suit your need and give you the results you would require to act decisively for your health. Of course, if you prefer not to read online reviews, you always have the option of asking people whom you know have used the test. Firsthand reviews are always a valid source of information for these health concerns