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Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Like most alternative medical approaches, the Pine Sol pregnancy test has never been formally studied by those in the medical or scientific communities. If you plan to use this method to test whether or not you might be pregnant, you may only have the reviews and advice of others on which to base your decision. It is true that many women who have used this method swear by its accuracy and effectiveness in detecting early pregnancy. Even at that, you would do well to back up this test with more traditional pregnancy testing methods, including taking a store bought test or having your doctor confirm your pregnancy with a blood test or an ultrasound.


This testing method could be compromised by a number of different factors in your home. For example, if you place the Pine Sol in a dirty cup or on a dirty plate, the contaminants may react with the Pine Sol’s chemical structure and prevent it from detecting any hCG in your urine. Likewise, if the Pine Sol is old or has been poorly made by the manufacturer, you could also get skewed results. These are factors that you cannot control and may not be aware of before testing.


You also may get skewed results if you use an off brand of Pine Sol, such as one that you would purchase at the dollar store. If you believe that you are pregnant, but this test does not give you the results that you suspect, you should use more traditional routes to confirm your pregnancy. 


Alternatively, you can also take a look at the Drano Pregnancy Test if you have that available.


What Does A Positive Pine Sol Pregnancy Test Look Like?


A positive Pine Sol pregnancy test has a notable appearance so that you have reason to believe that you are in fact pregnant. It will change color and possibly foam or froth, which outwardly would be a sign that it is reacting to a chemical change in your urine. If you are not pregnant, the Pine Sol would not do anything. It would not change color and it would not foam, froth, or bubble after you put a few drops of your urine in it.


Most women who have used this test in the past say that the Pine Sol turns from a brownish gold to a green or blue color. The color change is obvious enough so that you should not have to scrutinize the appearance of the cleaning solution. You also should not have to wait a long time for the color to change. It should change within a few seconds after you add your urine to it.


Some women have also reported that the solution will froth, bubble, or foam if you are pregnant. The foaming or frothing is a chemical reaction to the hCG in your urine. If you see bubbles or see it noticeably frothing or foaming up after you add your urine to it, you may have sufficient reason to suspect that you are pregnant. If it does nothing, but rather just stays the same after adding urine, you probably are not pregnant.

What Color Should The Positive Pine Sol Pregnancy Test Be?

Online reviews of this test note that the color of the Pine Sol should change from gold or light brown, the natural color of this cleaning solution, to blue or bluish-green in appearance. It should happen within just a few seconds of your adding urine to the liquid and definitely should not take more than a minute or so to appear. If the color stays the same, you may have confirmation that you are not pregnant or that you are too early in your pregnancy for any hCG to be detectable in your urine.


With that, you should only use standard Pine Sol instead of the scented or color varieties of this product. It is now available in lemon and flower scents. These varieties will not change color as well or as noticeably as the regular Pine Sol product. Even though the scented varieties may smell better, the standard product is what should be used for this test.

Likewise, if you want to ensure that the product is reacting to the hCG in your urine rather than another substance, you should place it in a clean cup or container. Some women use foam or plastic cups rather than a cup or plate from their own cupboards because plastic or foam ones straight from the wrapper are usually cleaner and more pristine. You avoid having to fear that food residue or dish soap is compromising your test results.

How Accurate Is The Pine Sol Pregnancy Test?

No one knows with any degree of certainty how accurate this homemade pregnancy test is. You must use your own judgment to determine if it has given you the result that you want or if you should use another form of testing, including going to your own doctor for a blood test. However, women for generations now have been telling other family members and friends about this alternative. Based on anecdotal information and online reviews, it would seem that the test is relatively accurate if it is done correctly.

It can be compromised in several ways, however, which would throw off its accuracy. If you test too early, you may not get a positive result. Likewise, if you use urine gathered in a dirty container or urine that you produce later in the day, you may get a false negative.

You should make sure your urine is caught in a clean and sterile container. You also should use the urine that you produce first thing in the morning. This first morning urine has high amounts of hCG if you are indeed pregnant. These assurances will give you a faster and better result.