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New Choice Pregnancy Test

Every woman has her own opinion regarding which pregnancy test is right for her. Finding out you are pregnant is one of the biggest moments in your life, and using a test that will deliver accurate results is important. That’s why so many women are picky about the type of pregnancy test they use. An inaccurate test can make you feel unnecessarily bad, which is why using a reliable test is necessary.


The New Choice pregnancy test is a brand sold primarily in Dollar General Stores and Dollar Tree stores. These stores are all about providing off-brands that are affordable for women. Some might think that a pregnancy test from a dollar store is unreliable while others are certain that it’s the same test as all the expensive brands.


How The New Choice Pregnancy Test Works

The New Choice pregnancy test works like all other pregnancy tests. You use the test to measure the amount of hCG in your urine. This particular test is not a digital test, but it does state on the package that it is sensitive enough to detect pregnancy up to five days before your missed period. 


Before you start to take this test five days early, however, remember that the results might state 99 percent accurate, but that is only when the test is used on the day of your missed period. There is approximately a 50 percent chance that your results will show up positively five days early. It all depends on the amount of hCG in your urine at the time you test.

Once you either urinate on the absorbent tip or dip it into a cup of urine, your job is to wait the amount of time listed in the instructions. Do not check the test early or you might not receive accurate results. Once your time is up you will see either one pink line to indicate that you are not pregnant, or you will see two pink lines to indicate that you are pregnant. Depending on the level of hCG in your urine, the second line might be very faint or it might be bold.


New Choice Pregnancy Test Review


How women feel about this pregnancy test varies. Some women don’t think it is any worse or any better than any other test available in stores. However, a large number of women report that the results of the New Choice tests are not very clear. Some women see faint evaporation lines that might appear immediately or hours after the test was taken. Additionally, some women report that upon using this test, the entire window turned pink and they were unable to read the test at all. Other women report that half the window turns pink, making it impossible to see if there is a second line to indicate pregnancy.


Overall, most women do not care for this particular brand of pregnancy test. The results are not easy to read because they are not clear. Very few women received a positive result when using the test early, and most women report at least one issue with the test. The same women who took the New Choice test admit to using well-known brands after this brand. They feel that the well-known brands are more accurate, more reliable, and much easier to use. Of course, some women love the New Choice test and have no issue with the results. How you feel about it is entirely up to you. However, let it be known that this test works the same way as any other test and your results will differ greatly from those of the other women who have used New Choice test.