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How To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?

Many people assume that a pregnancy test can only be positive if the person taking it is legitimately expecting a baby. As true as this belief may be, other ways exist for how to make a pregnancy test positive, at least at first glance. Many people are intrigued by these bypass methods for a variety of reasons. They may want to play a prank or genuinely want to make someone believe that they are in fact pregnant. Regardless of your own reasoning, you can make a pregnancy test look positive by following a few simple strategies.


One of the easiest ways to make a pregnancy test look positive is by manually manipulating it. Pregnancy test strips are easy to open. In fact, they simply snap apart without the entire strip breaking or cracking. You can wet the test strip and then take apart the actual strip to draw a plus sign inside the indicator window. Rather than just draw the positive sign on the window itself, you should draw it on a piece of sticky tape that you can lay over the test strip material to make it look more realistic. After you draw and stick on the positive sign, you can put the strip back together and fool the person for whom the test is intended.


If you plan to draw the positive sign, you should check the test kit box to find out what a positive test is supposed to look like. You also should check to see in what color you should draw the positive indication. It is important that you take your time and perhaps practice drawing the positive indication a few times before actually drawing it onto the sticky tape. This practice will ensure that the test looks more legitimate and that the person whom you are trying to fool will have no reason to doubt the test’s outcome. You also should make sure that the positive sign aligns perfectly with the indicator window so that the test does not look manipulated.


Make A Pregnancy Test Positive Without Being Pregnant


Another way to manipulate a pregnancy test involves using a popular soft drink for this purpose. Some women say that drinking Dr. Pepper can cause your urine to alter enough in quality and chemical makeup to make a pregnancy test turn positive. Other people say that you can drop the soft drink directly onto the test strip itself to turn the test positive, even if you are not genuinely pregnant. These people who swear by this method say to use the soft drink when it is room temperature rather than cold.


Other women have reported having luck with turning a pregnancy test positive by using baking soda. Baking soda is a highly volatile substance that is valued for its ability to remove stains, change the chemical compositions of recipes, and other purposes. Some women say that you can use baking soda by applying it to a test strip to turn the test positive. For all intents and purposes, this manipulation could work best if you make the soda into a paste or mix it into water rather than applying it in powder form.


Of course, with the advent of the Internet, women have also found that they can make big money by selling their positive pregnancy tests on craigslist. You can search forums online to find such tests for sale. Pregnant women take the tests and then mail them to you. They often charge premium prices, and you also must trust that these women will actually mail an intact, positive test to you. Nonetheless, this method of making a test positive has proved popular with many people who want to dupe others for whatever reason.


Make A Home Pregnancy Test Say Positive


People have a variety of reasons for why they want to make a pregnancy test look positive. Some of the more popular reasons include trying to get their romantic partners to stay in a relationship with them. Others want to manipulate pregnancy tests just for fun and to dupe their loved ones and friends. Dozens of other reasons exist, some harmless and some perhaps rather ill-advised. Nonetheless, valid ways do exist to make pregnancy tests look positive even if you are really not expecting at all.


It is important that you understand the ramifications for altering a pregnancy test if you want to use any of these methods. If you are just having fun and playing a prank on a friend or loved one, you more than likely will not suffer any real consequences, other than your loved ones and friends being momentarily confused or perhaps even a little angry at you. If you are using these methods to commit fraud, such as to benefit financially by lying to someone about being pregnant, it is a very real possibility that you could be fined and even jailed. You would be well advised to think about the consequences for your long-term future if you decide to go through with these plans.


If you plan on using these false positive tests to keep someone in a relationship with you, you may not succeed when your partner realizes that you are not at all pregnant. That individual may then decide to leave. Further, it puts you in a bind when people realize that your stomach is not growing and that you did not deliver after nine months have passed. Making a pregnancy test look positive is not against the law, and many people choose to alter tests each year. It may be better if you change a negative test into a positive one for entertainment purposes. This decision lets you have your fun without hurting anyone else. It also lets you avoid trouble with the legal system and helps you avoid a fine. Altering pregnancy tests is actually quite easy and does not take a lot of time or talent. These methods are the most common for making pregnancy tests look positive.