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How Much Are Pregnancy Tests?

At home pregnancy tests are a woman’s best friend when she is trying to conceive a child. There are so many to choose from, and many allow you to find out if you are expecting a baby long before your missed period. This cuts down on the time you are forced to wait to miss your period and finally learn that you are pregnant. Aside from which test is the most accurate and provides the most accurate early results, many women want to know how much these pregnancy test are?


The real answer to this question varies. The cost of a home pregnancy test depends entirely on the brand, the type, and the store from which you are making your purchase. There are cheap pregnancy test that go by off brand names, such as WalMart’s Equate brand test. These tests are relatively inexpensive and come with either two or three tests per box. Depending on that, these tests run anywhere from $4 to $7.


Dollar Tree stores sell their own brand of pregnancy tests. These tests cost approximately $1, because everything in these stores is only a dollar. If you want a First Response Digital Test, be prepared to pay more money. At some retailers, you can pick up a box of two for around $14. At other retailers, that number is closer to $17. At some, it’s as low as $12. E.P.T. pregnancy tests cost between $9 and $10 depending on where you make your purchase.


If you want to purchase a First Response test that is not digital, you can pick up a package of two for around $10. Again, it all depends on where you want to purchase your tests. Purchasing one at a discount store such as WalMart may net you a few dollars in savings versus buying a test at your local Publix or Gelsons or Whole Foods.


Why Would I Want To Know How Much Pregnancy Tests Are?


Many women want to know the answer to this question for a few different reasons. One reason is that women want to know which one is the most expensive because some women believe that the expensive test is the best pregnancy test. Other women ask, “How much are pregnancy tests?” because they want to budget accordingly.


You see, many women want to take pregnancy tests as early as possible. However, this means more women will experience a test with a negative result. Tests are notoriously sensitive these days, but the detection of pregnancy as many as six days before your missed period depends on when you ovulated, how long it took your egg to make it into your uterus, how long implantation took to occur, and how much of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone your body produces and at what rate.


With more women than ever before taking early pregnancy tests, more women are purchasing pregnancy tests. For example, say you want to test six days before your missed period using the First Response Early Response test.


Unfortunately, it comes with a negative result. You try the second test in the box the following morning and it is also negative. This means you will go out and buy more pregnancy tests. The more negatives you receive, the more money you will spend on pregnancy tests.


Additionally, some women take pregnancy tests that use little lines rather than digital tests that read, “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant.” Oftentimes, the second line that indicates pregnancy is very faint and many women don’t believe that line. For this reason, they want to take multiple tests just to make sure that line is really there. They may also want to take tests every day until the line appears darker on each test to ensure that you really are pregnant. There are many reasons women want to know how much are pregnancy tests; the biggest is that they know they’ll be buying several.


Does The Price Of A Pregnancy Test Matter?


Sometimes price matters. A pregnancy test that only costs $1 might not be as sensitive as other tests on the market. However, rather than looking at price, you should look at the sensitivity level of a pregnancy test. The First Response Tests are the only ones on the market that can detect pregnancy as early as 6 days before your missed period. However, tests such as E.P.T.Equate brand, and ClearBlue Easy can detect pregnancy as many as five days before your missed period. The Equate brand is less expensive, but has the same level of sensitivity.


In short, at home pregnancy tests can cost anywhere from $1 to $20, but usually no more than that. The more money your test costs, the more tests you will receive in one box and the lower the sensitivity of the test. If you are looking to save, there are many brands that are generic to big name tests. These tests are less expensive but designed exactly the same as their more expensive brand-name sister tests. Price may be important. However, sensitivity level and accuracy are what most women look for when purchasing a home pregnancy test.