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What Are The Early Pregnancy Signs?

Few things in life are as exciting as starting your own family. If you have already made the decision to have a baby, you’re probably feeling both anxious and excited for the day you can finally take a pregnancy test to see if you’re expecting a baby. However, since the earliest you can take a pregnancy test is five days before your period is due to start and testing that early does not always have accurate results, you might be frustrated sitting around wondering if you are actually pregnant. Fortunately, there are six early signs of pregnancy you can look for prior to taking a pregnancy test.




While missing your period is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy, you might not want need to wait that long to start noticing the signs. After your egg is fertilized, it is implanted into your uterine wall. Many pregnant women experience a little light bleeding or spotting when this occurs. Since your egg typically implants before you expect your period to start, noticing a little spotting might be a sign that you are expecting a baby.


Swollen Breasts


So many women wish their breasts would grow naturally, but getting pregnant is pretty much the only way to make that happen. This early pregnancy sign is fairly common in most women. Even before you miss a period, you might notice that your breasts seem very sensitive, tender, and even a little swollen. This is in large part due to the increased amount of different hormones in your body thanks to being pregnant.


You’re Extremely Tired


Fatigue is a very common side effect of pregnancy, particularly in the early days. Your body is going through some amazing changes, producing a lot of additional hormones, and growing an entire human being. If you are pregnant, you might begin to notice that you are exceptionally tired on a regular basis. Even if you’re tired in general because of your work schedule, other children, or just because you don’t sleep well, you may still notice a change in your level of exhaustion. You might find it impossible to stay awake as long as you typically stay awake, it might become more difficult to get out of bed in the morning, and you might find yourself wishing for more than one nap throughout the day.




Everyone has heard of morning sickness. To eliminate a few rumors, morning sickness is not necessarily something you will feel only in the morning or only in the first trimester of your pregnancy.


Additionally, you might experience nausea without ever vomiting. You may not experience any of the above. Some women suffer from nausea long before they miss a period and others won’t experience it until a few weeks after they confirm their pregnancy. As every pregnancy is different, this is an early sign of pregnancy that you might not experience. However, if you are suddenly experiencing frequent nausea and have ruled out illness, it might be a sure sign that you are pregnant.


Your Sense of Smell is in Overdrive


If you ever find yourself rolling down the windows and opening the sunroof in the car because the smell of your deodorant or new car smell is suddenly so overwhelming you think you might be sick, you might be pregnant. The hormones coursing through your body will do some strange things to your sense of smell.


You Suddenly Hate All Food or Want to Eat Everything in Sight


Pickles and ice cream may not be what you start to crave in the early days of pregnancy. You might suddenly decide that celery is the best food on the planet and it’s all you want to eat, or you might begin to feel as if everything you love to eat regularly is terrible. Food cravings and/or aversions are a pretty common sign of pregnancy early on. A sudden change in appetite is something you might notice before you miss your period, or you might not experience cravings or aversions until later in your pregnancy.


Not All Early Signs Of Pregnancy Are The Same


No two women are the same. No two pregnancies are the same. Even if you’ve been pregnant in the past, you might experience something completely different during subsequent pregnancies. Early signs of pregnancy are prevalent in some women and completely nonexistent in others. Being attuned to your body can help you figure out if you are pregnant before your missed period. However, you cannot confirm pregnancy without a blood test from your doctor or a positive pregnancy test when you miss your period.