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Does The Bleach Pregnancy Test Work?

Household bleach is a highly reactive liquid. If it comes into any range of chemicals, it will react by foaming, frothing, steaming, bubbling, evaporating, or undergoing any number of other visible changes. One of the chemicals with which it can visibly react is human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, the hormone created by a developing fetus’ placenta. Because of this reaction, many women who prefer not to use or cannot afford to buy over-the-counter tests use bleach to test themselves for early pregnancy. You too can use this homemade pregnancy test method for testing for early pregnancy by creating a bleach pregnancy test at home.

Creating the test is very simple. You may already have regular household bleach on hand. You do not have to go out and buy industrial strength bleach for this test. In fact, the test works better if you just use the same bleach that you would use for your laundry or cleaning your home. If you do not have household bleach on hand, you can buy it at any big box or grocery store. You can even find it at many dollar stores. Do not worry about the price you pay for the bleach thinking that the more expensive brands work better. Any type of plain household bleach will work for this test, even those that are sold under a discount or store label.

It should be noted that you should not use bleach that has any kind of dye or artificial scent added to it. Many bleach manufacturers now add dyes and scents to make their products smell better and enhance your clothing. However, these dyed, scented bleaches will not react in the same way as regular bleach when it comes into contact with hCG. When you want the most accurate results, you should use regular household bleach

How accurate is the Bleach Pregnancy Test?


To date, no statistics have been collected as to the bleach test’s accuracy. In fact, as with any pregnancy test room for error always exists. Nonetheless, this type of homemade pregnancy test garners favors with women because it has reportedly given many of them reliable results that they can later confirm with a blood test or over-the-counter pregnancy test. As long as you conduct the test as prescribed, it stands to reason that you should get a fairly accurate result.


It is essential that you conduct the test as required if you want to get the most accurate results. You cannot omit any step nor use a type of bleach that is not suited for this testing method. You also should not use any other kind of liquid in place of bleach if you expect to get results that you can trust with a degree of certainty. As noted, taking the test itself is very simple and does not require a great deal of preparation or effort. The simplicity of it reduces the likelihood that you will get false results.


To take the test, you should first place eight ounces of bleach in a clean and sterile cup or container. After you pour bleach into the cup or container, you should then add your urine to it. If you are pregnant, the bleach should start to foam and fizz, much like a beer that has been poured into a glass. If you are not pregnant, the bleach will not fizz or foam at all. The reaction between the bleach and hCG also should take place within a matter of seconds. You should not have to leave the combination alone for several minutes before seeing the reaction. If it does not foam or fizz within a matter of seconds, chances are that you are not pregnant or that you tested too early.

Bleach Pregnancy Test Results


If the bleach foams and fizzes after you add your urine, you can take it as a sign that you are pregnant. This reaction can be trusted with a fair amount of certainty because of bleach’s known reaction to the human hormone hCG. Even in scientific studies conducted in laboratories, bleach is known to have this type of visible interaction with hCG. Thus, despite conducting the test at home you can still be assured that you could be pregnant if the bleach reacts in such a manner. If you do get a positive result from the bleach pregnancy test, your next step should involve confirming your pregnancy with an over-the-counter test or having your doctor do a blood test.


As with any pregnancy test, you may inadvertently compromise your results if you are taking certain medications or if you use poor quality urine. Some women are not aware that their urine actually has varying degrees of quality throughout the day. When you first awaken in the morning, your urine will be more concentrated and have higher levels of hormones in it. As you go about your day, your urine takes on the qualities of whatever foods and beverages you have eaten or drank. It also becomes tainted with medications that you have taken that day.


When you want to use the bleach test it is advisable for you to use your first morning’s urine rather than a sample that you collect later in the day. You can prepare the night before by making sure that you have a clean, sterilized container in the bathroom ready for when you get up in the morning. You can then collect your sample when you get up and take the test as prescribed.

Bleach And Urine Pregnancy Test


Despite the test being very easy to take, you should use some basic precautions to ensure your safety and that of your unborn baby if you are pregnant. First, bleach is a highly toxic liquid that can and will harm your respiratory passages if you use it in a poorly ventilated area.


For example, if you take the test in your bathroom, you should make sure that the ventilation system is running and that you have a window open. This ventilation will allow the fumes to disperse without making you sick.


Next, you also should use caution when adding your urine. Urine, like ammonia, can create a toxic gas when it comes into contact with bleach. If you breathe in that gas, you very well could get sick or even faint. You should make sure that the room where you are taking the test has plenty of air flowing in and out of it so that the toxic gas created by the combination disperses without making you ill. If you feel faint or sick while taking the test, you should stop immediately and call for help if you are having trouble breathing.


Finally, you should make sure that the bleach does not come into contact with your skin, both before and after you put your urine in it. Bleach can burn your skin and cause irreparable damage if it makes contact with any part of your body. If you plan to use this test, you should wear rubber gloves, long-sleeved shirts and pants, and even wear eye protection to avoid having the bleach splash into your eyes. While bleach is a highly toxic and dangerous liquid, it also can be ideal for testing for early pregnancy. For more information and pictures of bleach pregnancy test results, read the article here about homemade pregnancy tests.