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Is The CVS Pregnancy Test Accurate?

There is much debate among women as to which brand of pregnancy test is the best. There are dozens of different pregnancy tests on the market. Some are brand names tests and others aren’t. What most women realize is that all pregnancy tests are different, though they might not be as different as they seem. Just because a pregnancy test has an off-brand name doesn’t make it any less effective or accurate as a more expensive brand name pregnancy test.


For example, the CVS pregnancy test is similar to many of the brand name pregnancy tests that provide women with faster results. By faster results, the CVS brand pregnancy test can tell you as many as five days prior to missing your period that you are pregnant. Of course, the accuracy of these results depends entirely on your body, your level of hCG, and when you conceived. Some women are able to find out five days early that they are expecting. Other women will not be so lucky. Sometimes it’s due to low levels of the pregnancy hormone hCG in your urine. Other times it’s due to the fact that you didn’t conceive when you thought you did and it’s actually far too early to test.

The CVS pregnancy test is a good test for those who want to take an early results test. However, you cannot rely on results that come up negative this early. You’ll want to test again in 48 hours to ensure you’ve given your hCG levels a chance to rise high enough that they are detectable by your CVS brand pregnancy test. The CVS test is a traditional test, meaning you will see two lines appear if you are pregnant and only one line if you are not.

How Much Do CVS Pregnancy Tests Cost?

The CVS pregnancy test is not one of the cheapest tests on the market. In fact, many people assume that because it’s an off-brand – or a store brand – that it’s going to be a cheap test. While there are two tests in each box, the price of each box is approximately $10.49. This is just over $5 per pregnancy test. Part of the reason it’s not less expensive is the fact that it is an early response test with a much lower sensitivity level. This makes it a stronger test. Therefore, it is a more expensive test. However, you’re paying for the ability to test five days prior to missing your period. Additionally, you’re paying for a secondary test in case you aren’t happy with the results of your first pregnancy test.


Still, there are some name brand pregnancy tests that cost less than the CVS brand. Some of these tests come with only one test per box.

How Accurate Is The CVS Pregnancy Test?


The accuracy levels of the CVS brand pregnancy test vary. For example, when you test four days prior to missing your period, you have a 53 percent chance of receiving a positive result. If you wait until three days prior to your missed period that accuracy level increases to 74 percent. When you wait two days prior to your missed period, your test accuracy increases again; this time to 84 percent. The day before your period is scheduled to arrive increases your chances of a positive result to 87 percent. When you test first thing in the morning on the day of your missed period, the accuracy rating is 99 percent.


What affects the accuracy rating of this test is your body. Your body has to produce enough hCG to be detectable by your pregnancy test. If it doesn’t, you won’t get an accurate result. Unfortunately, all women are different and there is no way to know how early you will receive a positive result. One way to help you get a good indication of when you will receive a positive pregnancy test result is to look back on previous pregnancies, if this applies. If you received an early result on any of those, chances are better that you’ll receive an early result on this test as well.


If you do not receive a positive test result despite your period’s late arrival, you’ll want to call your doctor. He or she can provide you with further testing to determine whether or not you are pregnant or suffering from a different health issue all together. Additionally, you’ll want to read the instructions carefully to ensure you are using the test correctly. Your pregnancy test results are not considered accurate if you do not use the test correctly.


CVS Pregnancy Test Reviews


One of the considerations many women use when choosing a pregnancy test to purchase is the review of other women who’ve used the test in the past. With this particular test, most women do not recommend that you use it. One of the biggest complaints regarding the CVS pregnancy test is that it is a defective test. Many women report that no lines appear at all, not even the control line that tests for the effectiveness of the test. This is the line that appears as you saturate your test with urine. It is used to inform you that the test is working. Many women report this line does not appear at all, and neither does a negative or positive result.


One reason for this could be that the tests are expired. However, many women report that this is the first thing they looked for when they realized their test was defective and their tests were not expired. In fact, in reviews given by women who’ve used this test, only 11 percent of women recommend using it. You needn’t be a mathematical genius to figure out that women are overall dissatisfied with the results of this test.


However, for many women the test works just fine. Those women report no issues with the test at all and would recommend it to others. When the test is working correctly, women believe that it’s a simple to use test with easy to understand instructions and clear results.


The choice is up to you whether or not to spend the asking price for the CVS brand pregnancy test or to spend a few extra dollars on a name brand test that has much better reviews. For women who realize that they’ve used a defective test, it can be quite the upsetting situation. When it’s time to test, women want to know immediately whether or not they are pregnant