When a baby is born, it seems like everyone a new mom meets is an expert on baby care, and more than willing to share their ideas.

They hear all sorts of stories about how much they should hold their baby and often how they will “spoil” them by holding and touching them too much. Sometimes that “expert” advice just doesn’t sound or feel quite right to a new mom. It can be very confusing and overwhelming because the advice they are getting is from women they love and respect. Maybe I should let my baby “cry it out”. His mom did raise 4 kids, she must know what is best. I feel so unsure of myself! One thing we talk about at our shop almost every day is how helpful it can be if a parent can begin to filter all the information that comes blasting their way and begin to decide for themselves what their response is going to be with their baby. If a mom can take the time in those early days to slow down and really spend time bonding with her baby, she will begin to “know” the right response for her. Nobody else has the kind of deep, intimate relationship that is the bond between a mom and her baby. Being a parent is a huge challenge, and I honor each and every one of you as you grow in you life as parents. My daughter is 38 years old and I’m still trying to decide how I’m going to parent my grown child. The learning never stops! Next month I will go more into how the idea of “touching too much” got started in our Western world.