Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts

By Suzie Dunn

When I was pregnant for the first time I remember feeling so many things, excitement, wonder, love, uncertainty, and oh so many other emotions about everything from what was going on in my body to what giving birth would really be like.  I also remember feeling overwhelmed by the amount of items I would need once the baby came.  I was sure the arrival of this bundle of joy was going to bankrupt me.  But my best friend assured me “Don’t worry, that is what the Baby Shower is for.”  Oh yes, of course, the Baby Shower!  How great would it be to have a party with all the people I love the most in my life to celebrate my baby!   I would have a great time and receive all the items I needed in the process.  Perfect!

The shower WAS wonderful, just as I thought; Family, friends, good food, fun games, advice, hugs and tears.  It truly was better than I even dreamt it would be.  But one expectation was not met, the gifts.  Not only did I not get over half of the items I knew to be essential to me bringing home my baby but I actually had a very large collection of items that I had no idea where I would even put.   I became a stuffed animal collector over night.  Stuffed bunnies, bears, giraffes, Winnie the Pooh (who I have always thought was creepy as all get out) and many others.  I also had a huge collection of baby clothes.  I remember when my son was one; giving away a ton of outfits that were never worn and still had the tags on them.

Years later and after working at Mother’s Haven, I realize this is very common.  Many times those attending a baby shower do not know what to give as a gift.  It may have been a while since they had a baby and they really do not know all the new “must have’s” for babies today.  Also many times even when a mom has a gift registry in place, people want to buy stuff that is “cute and fun” over functional.  

So to help both moms and shoppers we have created a list of the Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts.  These gifts are both functional and pretty.   These are gifts that guests will have fun buying and moms will be excited to receive.

#10 – Blankets and Swaddles – Wrapping up that baby good and tight makes them feel more like they did in the womb and is calming to them.  At Mother’s Haven we have a large variety of high quality, functional and pretty options like Aden and Anais, Woomby, Ergo Swaddlers, and  NuRoo.


#9. – Wet bag – No matter what, babies are messy.  Diapers leak, babies spit up, it seems like something is always wet and needing to be changed.  A good quality wet bag is a must in every diaper bag and good news for the gift giver.  They are fun to buy because they are cute as can be.  We carry so many different colors and designs and one of the best brands we carry is made right here is Coeur d Alene by a local mom that has spent many hours in our store. 

Wet Bags

#8.  Nursing Covers – If you know the mom to be will be breastfeeding, a nursing cover is a great gift.   We offer two different brands that are the cutest and most efficient we have found.  They are easy to wear, work great when breastfeeding on the go and again come in many different colors and designs.   You can go to that shower feeling like you bought the mom to be something pretty.  Mother’s Haven carries two great brands, NuRoo nursing scarf and the Bebe Au Lait Nursing cover.


#7.  Teething Solutions – I know the title does not sound like a fun gift to give but we are not talking only about Hyland’s all natural teething tablets here.   Teething solutions come in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes from Sofie the Giraffe and bright colored teething toys to amber teething necklaces.  All work great and are a life saver to a parent with a fussy, teething baby.Teething

Shoes#6.  Baby Shoes – Every baby needs some good quality baby shoes not only to keep those toes warm but to support their little feet when they are getting ready to walk and let’s face it, what is more fun to buy for a baby than tiny shoes!  The styles and colors available seem endless and a ton of fun to not only shop for but to receive.

#5 NoseFrida – The snot sucker – Okay, I know this does not sound like a fun shower gift but I will tell you it will be the one of the best gifts you ever give a new mom.  They might not know it is the best gift at the shower and you will probably hear some groans and the word gross a lot from the crowd.  However, once it is opened and used, you can expect a very grateful phone call or text once that baby comes.  The NoseFrida snot sucker is one of the most popular items we carry in our shop.  Moms just rave about it and claim it to be an absolute MUST HAVE for all new moms.


#4.  The Blooming Bath – Talk about a cute gift to give!  The Blooming Bath is your chance to buy that plush toy and have it be functional too.  The Blooming Bath fits right into your sink and creates a very comfortable and secure bath for your baby.   You cannot go wrong with this gift.  Other shower guest will be jealous of your gift.  Trust me.


#3. Baby Carriers – There are many options when it comes to wearing your baby.  We have large selection of wraps, slings and backpack style carriers at Mother’s Haven.    If the mom-to-be does not have one on her registry we can help you choose one in your price range and will exchange it for the mom if she chooses a different style once the baby comes.  We specialize in baby wearing and will work one on one with a new mom showing her how they work and will help her find the one or two that works perfect for her.


#2.  Gripe Water - Gripe Water is a safe and effective all natural herbal supplement used to ease gas and stomach discomfort often associated with colic, gas, hiccups and teething.   It is the #1 selling natural remedy for colic and gas and let me tell you it was a complete life saver for us.  My daughter suffered terribly until we found Gripe Water.   We are such believers in the product that I can say I have not attended a baby shower in 8 years where a bottle has not been a part of my gift.  It is a MUST HAVE for all new moms.

#1. Mother’s Haven Gift Card – There are so many functionally necessary gifts that are personal.  They simply cannot be bought without mom there.  Nursing Bras, nursing tank tops, breastfeeding pumps and supplies even cloth diapers.  If a mom has not filled out her registry with exactly what size style and brand of some of these items, you just do not know what she needs.   A gift card allows her to come in and explore her needs for herself.  We will walk her through all the cloth diapering options and benefits or fit her for bra and counsel her on many other options and needs.  You can never go wrong with a Mother’s Haven Gift Card.


We hope this helps and we wish you all happy shopping and showering.

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