Prenatal Yoga - A Benefit to Mom and Baby

By Amy Gates, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Parkside FitnessPrenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a blessing and a joy! Whether it is your first pregnancy or your 4th, many women enjoy the changes in their body and the preparation for the arrival of the new family member. The better you take care of yourself during your pregnancy the better you will feel. Proper nutrition, rest, exercise and minimizing unnecessary stresses in your life are all required for a happy and healthy pregnancy. One way you can take care of yourself and bond with your growing baby is prenatal Yoga.

The word “Yoga” has its root in the Sanskrit word “yuj”. Yuj means to merge, join, or unite. Yoga is the union of the heart, mind, body and soul. Yoga is an ancient study and has recently has become mainstream. The physical and mental benefits of yoga are limitless. Yoga can decrease stress, help to build strong, lean muscles, create an inner peace and serenity and help you feel more centered and focused. Meditation and breathing can clear your mind so that you may better deal with life’s challenges. There is no better way to bond and connect with your baby than through Yoga.

In today’s busy society it is difficult for a woman to take the time to enjoy her pregnancy. Yoga can help meet this need. A good Yoga class offers a safe, nurturing environment specifically designed to guide you through the journey of pregnancy. Using yoga postures and breathing will bring awareness to your mind, body and spirit and enhance your bond with your baby. Yoga will help you build physical and mental strength, both crucial for labor and delivery. Using Yoga’s breathing techniques and meditation you can prepare yourself for the challenges of labor and delivery. It is safe to practice Yoga during your entire term and you can begin Yoga at any time during your pregnancy.

It is important to find a certified Yoga teacher that is certified and trained in prenatal Yoga care. Amy Gates is a certified prenatal yoga teacher, and has been teaching in Coeur d’Alene for over 8 years. During her undergraduate studies at University of Washington, she found a love for Yoga and women’s health. With a degree in Zoology, and after practicing yoga for over a decade, Amy decided to pursue what had become a passion, and became a certified yoga teacher in 2002. During her first pregnancy, she furthered her studies with world renowned prenatal Yoga teacher, Colette Crawford, R.N., in Seattle. Since then she has also trained with Shiva Rea. Now certified to teach pre and post natal Yoga, Amy wants to bring this wonderful experience to expectant mothers locally. She continues to teach in the Coeur d’Alene & Spokane areas and has enjoyed guiding women through their individual journeys while creating a friendly and nurturing community of pregnant women. Amy is also a certified DONA Doula and enjoys offering labor support to her prenatal yoga clients.

For prenatal Yoga classes held at Parkside Studio, taught by Amy please call (208) 818-5883 or email us at info@parksidefitness. You may also go to our website For more information on prenatal Yoga and its benefits to you and your child, or doula services, please contact Amy Gates at (208) 691-7409 or email her at