Placenta Encapsulation for Postpartum Wellness

KC LovelandBy KC Loveland
Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (CPES)

Studies show that 50 - 80% of postpartum women suffer from the baby blues or minor postpartum depression. Symptoms like weepyness, mild anxiety, and irritability often go unchecked and untreated; chalked up to fatigue from a tough labor, or the stresses of motherhood. The symptoms last about two weeks and gradually diminish within the first month. Although the time frame may seem manageable to a non-postpartum adult, to a postpartum mother and a newborn baby the first two weeks prove to be an important mother and child bonding time often weighted by the baby blues. We spend hours during pregnancy planning and researching, choosing just the right gear and equipment to help our babies be the best they can be and to help us be spectacular parents, but little thought is put into our emotional wellness postpartum. The fact is, there is a natural way to fend off the baby blues, increase lactation, increase energy and speed healing: Placenta Encapsulation!

“Ewwww! Eat my placenta! Yuk!” Well, it’s not like were putting it in lasagna here! (Although, that would be beneficial as well). Placenta ingestion by the mother is not a new practice, in fact it has been a customary practice for postnatal women in Chinese and Vietnamese cultures for centuries. The placenta is rich in iron, vitamin B6, protein, as well as numerous other vitamins, minerals, nutrients and hormones. Traditional Chinese medicine has been using placenta for thousands of years to promote lactation, and modern science backs it up! New research is happening every day proving the benefits of placenta ingestion on the postpartum woman.

The placenta preparation technique used by PBi Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialists (CPES) has been carefully developed using ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods paired with modern sterile practices. Your placenta is handled by a PES with the utmost care and respect. The preparation and encapsulation take place right in your home, where you are welcome to watch the entire process if you wish. Your placenta will be handled under strict OSHA, EPA, and FDA guidelines, and processed legally and carefully. The placenta is processed, dried and put into easy to swallow capsules extending the benefits of placenta ingestion throughout your postpartum period and beyond!

The vast majority of women who have chosen to take placenta for its benefits have shown outstanding results. When the capsules are taken women report a noticeable difference in mood. The benefits of placenta encapsulation for mother and baby are being discovered daily by women in our area, the positive feedback is overwhelming! Now that encapsulation services by a CPES are available in our area pregnant women can make their plans to reap the benefits of placenta encapsulation, and have a happy and healthy postpartum for themselves and their precious new babies.

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