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Haba Amphibious Vehicle

On land or in the sea ... wherever, playing is just fun with this vehicle.


Haba Baby's First Phone

Ring, ring, ring! Hello? Let’s play!


Haba Ball Track Bathing Bliss Water Wonders

Bathing bliss water wonders features pouring, funneling and colorful joy!


Haba Bathtub Ball Track Set

Bring the fun and creativity of HABA's ball track sets into the bathtub!


Haba Baudino Sand Glove Dinosaur

The Baudino Sand Glove Dinosaur is a flexible dinosaur head for free role play.


Haba Baudino Watering Can

This watering toy that comes with 2 interchangeable sprinkler or squirt spouts is fantastic fun!


Haba Bubble Bath Whisk

For little and big whirlpool fun.


Haba Clicker-Clacker

Discover rhythm and sound with the Clicker-Clacker from HABA!


Haba Clutching Toy-Color Hedgehog

Another fantastic clutching toy from HABA - Color Hedgehog!


Haba Clutching Toy-Color Whorl

Your little one will be delighted with the Color Whorl Clutching Toy from HABA!


Haba Clutching Toy-Kringelring

Your child will absolutely love the classic Kringelring Clutching Toy from HABA


Haba Clutching Toy-Rainbow Ring

Your little one will be delighted with the Rainbow Ring Clutching Toy from HABA!


Haba Clutching Toy-Ring Around

Let the bright and cheery colors of the rainbow delight your little one.


Haba Clutching Toy-Ringi

Your little one will be delighted with the Ringi Clutching Toy from HABA!


Haba Clutching Toy-Whirlygig

Keep your child entertained with the Whirlygig Clutching Toy from HABA!


Haba Fun With Sounds Discovery Blocks

Perk up your ears! A lot of different sounds can be heard.


Haba Rainmaker Wormy

This colorful rainmaker stick is both fascinating and soothing!


Haba Sand Play Excavator

Shake up the sandbox with the Sand Play Excavator from HABA!


Haba Shakin Eggs

Shake things up with Haba Shakin Eggs.