Essential Oil Diffusers

SarahMy name is Sarah Croy. I’ve been visiting Mother’s Haven since a week after the birth of my first child 9 years ago. 17 years of marriage and 4 kids later, I still love Mother’s Haven and send people there frequently, knowing they’ll be well taken care of just like I was in those first, hard days of nursing a newborn.

Living on one income with 4 kids had been a challenge, and after several years of wondering how I could contribute financially, I started selling doTERRA essential oils. I had experienced the relief they brought to my family when dealing with illness, emotional distress, the busy pace of life, as well as a variety of other issues. My oldest daughter was having a very difficult time at school. She had a rowdy, overwhelming classroom, and would come home emotional and unable to focus. Even the simplest homework was overwhelming to her, and would lead to a meltdown. I wanted to be able to send her with some oils that would ease her anxiety and help her to focus, but faced a problem – “ How does she take them to school without losing them, and with the ability to use them whenever she needs them?”

So I started looking around online for a necklace the oils could go in. I figured no lost oils, no spills, no hassles. Problem was I couldn’t find a necklace that was what I imagined. The options I found were either expensive ($50 and up), bulky, cheaply made, or downright ugly. I then undertook a lengthy research process to find what I had envisioned, and Essential Oil Wear diffusing jewelry is the result. My essential oil jewelry is convenient, sturdy, beautiful, and made with care by hand. I am so pleased to have my jewelry joining the wonderful products at Mother’s Haven. Whether it’s to relieve morning sickness, aid in focus, ease postpartum depression, or calm an over-active child, I know the oils and jewelry can be as powerful a tool to add to your life, as they have been to mine.

Essential Oil Wear FAQs:

-How do I open the vial?

The top screws off, and you use a plastic pipette, which I include with each item, to fill with your favorite oil.

- Do I have to open it to use/smell my oil?

No, the tiny hole through the cap will allow the oil to diffuse without opening or spilling/leaking through body heat and movement. If you need an extra dose you can simply hold near your face and breathe deeply or open and put the oil where needed.

- How long does the oil last?

Depending on the viscosity of the oil, anywhere from 2 days to 2 or more weeks.

- Will the vial break if dropped?

The vials are very thick, durable glass, and hold up very well to wear, tear, and the occasional drop.

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