Bra Box FAQs

What bra boxes are available?

You choose the combination of 3 to 5 nursing bras, tanks, or hands-free pumping bras that will best suit your needs. For example, you can choose to have 1 bra, 1 tank and 1 hands-free pumping bra, OR you could select 3 bras and 2 tanks, OR 1 hands-free pumping bra and 4 nursing bras… you get the idea.

What’s the cost?

Pick which box is right for you. Shipping to you (and back to us if something’s not right for you!) is free. We charge a $25 fitting fee, which you can apply as a credit to your bra or tank top purchase. We will contact you to securly obatin your fitting fee over the phone. This will occur once you have created your Mother's Haven online account and your wishlist is complete and ready to be shipped. We pay for the first shipping and return shipping label- that's on us! You will be responsible to pay for any other product to be shipped to you. 

Fitting myself for a bra seems intimidating! What do I need to know?

This article is super helpful for measuring yourself, as well as checking the fit after you receive your items!

How long do I have to try on my items?

All of us here at Mother’s Haven run on mom time. Sometimes, a sniffly baby saps your energy, or errands with your kiddos in tow take too long, or you’re stuck under a nursing baby. Life happens! We want to give you a window that’s long enough to try on your bras and tanks, but not long enough that you’ll forget about them. #mombrain! Please make your selections within 3 days of receiving your package. We include send you a prepaid shipping label to make returns easy peasy.

I really like this bra, but it doesn’t fit quite right. Have any tips?

Included in the box are a few cards, including troubleshooting for a good fit and how to care for your bra. We want this to be easy for you! If you’re still unsure, check out this article and this video.

I want my bra to last as long as possible. How should I care for it?

Nursing bras are subject to lots of wear and tear, specifically from breast milk and spit up! You might find yourself washing them more often than other bras, so make sure you’re treating them with love and kindness. We recommend washing in warm, not hot, water. If you have a lingerie bag, use it. Also, bras shouldn’t go in the dryer! Hang them to dry, specifically from the middle (between the cups) as opposed to by the shoulder straps.

How many bras should I have?

Nursing bras can get dirty quickly, especially with newborns. We recommend a minimum of three bras or tanks: one to wear, one that’s in the wash, and one that’s dirty.

What should I know about returning items?

Bras and tanks need to be returned in the same condition they were in when received with tags still attached. Leaks happen, so please wear bra pads! We personally adore Bamboobies, but use what you have. Also, please avoid deodorant and makeup stains.

What if I don’t like anything you send me?

What a bummer! Hopefully your Bra Box adventure helped you understand what you do want, like a bra that we sent but in a larger cup size, etc. Please return what didn’t work and use what you discovered to place an order for a bra that fits you best.