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ICARE Programs

ICARE LogoBy Beth Barclay, ICARE Director

Parenting is ONE TOUGH JOB! Full of rewards, beautiful moments, laughs and love. But the reality of raising children today is that parents can become overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed. We get it. We’re the ICARE Program of St. Vincent de Paul and we know how the life of a parent can be. All over Kootenai County, we provide parents with the expert information, tips and support they need and deserve to be the best parents they can be.

“Nikki’s" family had been homeless over a year, due to unemployment. She and her husband had both lost their jobs. That made life quite challenging for them and their 3 children, with another on the way. Eventually they were able to get into an apartment through Idaho Housing and have now been stable there for a year. She found a job within walking distance so they could start saving for a car. Nikki and her husband took a class in budgeting and are very carefully managing their finances. The 4 children are now ages 8, 4, 3 and 8 months. With 2 of them in diapers, she knows exactly how many diapers she needs to buy in a month. Some months they can’t save for a car because they need to buy diapers. (Food stamps don’t cover diapers.) In spite of these life challenges, Nikki is a wonderful mom and is so proud of her children, especially Baby Danielle. She takes tremendous joy in seeing Danielle reaching her developmental milestones right on time. She’s crawling now and will be walking soon!

ICARE offers Home Visits with one-on-one parent coaching to support parents like Nikki by providing them with current, reliable and practical information on a variety of parenting topics related to raising children from infancy through adolescence. Child development, parent-child interaction, brain development, development –centered parenting and family well-being are some areas we cover.

ICARE also offers 10 week parenting classes in the community called Nurturing Skills for Families. Our next one begins Jan. 11, 2012 at Skyway Elementary School. Please call us at (208) 676-1515 or visit the ICARE website for more information.

We are a nonprofit organization funded by grants and donations. Many thanks for your Diaper Drive this year on behalf of all the babies and parents we serve!